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Everything you need to know about Boerenbox

Boerenbox is a new project of Enactus Nijmegen. In cooperation with Oregional, we supply foodboxes containing sustainable, local and fresh products. The farmers of Oregional get a fair price for their products and you pay a fair price for a Boerenbox. Each Boerenbox comes with a recipe for an easy but delicious meal. The Boerenbox team is a team with only students, with different backgrounds. They volunteer to contribute to a more sustainable and healthier Nijmegen.

About our partner, Oregional

Oregional is our partner in crime in revolutionizing the food system in the Nijmegen area. A cooperative of over 35 farmers, Oregional’s mission is twofold: to reunite the citizens of Gelderland with local food producers, and to create shared value by working towards 100% circular farming. Renewable energy, waste as fertilizer, and sustainable transport; they dare to dream big. That’s why they are the perfect partner for us.

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About Enactus

Enactus is a worldwide non-profit organization that believes in addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through entrepreneurship and social innovation. Together with corporate partners, Enactus allows students to put theory into practice by founding their own social start-up. Students receive extensive training in both social entrepreneurship and personal development in order to do good for their communities.

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About Student & Leefstijl

Student & Leefstijl is a student organisation that originates from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, which is part of RadboudUMC. Student & Leefstijl provides us with recipes for Boerenbox. Thanks to them, your meal is fresh, sustainable AND healthy! 

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